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Silver Screen is a TCG game for Movies/TV. If you decide to join, please say that Jeje referred you

Number of Cards: 53
Level: 3
Collecting: That 70's Show, Sleepy Hollow, Napoleon Dynamite 
Mastered: 0
Will Trade ONLY for Something I'm Collecting:
Keeping for Future Collections:
That 70's Show-
Napoleon Dynamite-
Sleepy Hollow-

Wanna Trade?
If you want to trade, please e-mail me at with the following:
Game-"Silver Screen"
What you want
What your offering
Anything else you need to ask

Trading Log
May 24, 2005- Got boondock13 and everwood18 from oddman. Pulp19 from quote. Got rocky16 from quote2.
May 14, 2005- Got nd02 and everwood02 from freebies. Got layout04 and groovy13 from updates. Got buffy16 from chartoactor. Got futurama12 from guessactor.
May 9, 2005- Traded future17 for sleepy06 with Clover.
May 7, 2005- Got rocky05 from matchcharstotv. Got darko05, rocky14, 2 tickets, and oscar8 for finding oscar.
April 29, 2005- Got snl14 from Quote. Got grail03, wind18, sunshine12, epic15, and 3 tickets from reveal. Got buffy08, groovy02, and grease04 from word scramble.
April 28, 2005- Got buffy15, king29, phantom14, towers15, epic19, and 3 tickets from stepsgame.
April 23, 2005- Traded fotr27 for nd15 from Ingrid. Got troy05, future17, and groovy20 from word scramble. Got groovy01 and women06 for leveling up.
April 22, 2005- Got labyrinth02 from free-for-all. Got groovy15 from Name That Card. Got epic01 from freebies. Traded house17 for grail12 from Anna. Traded nightmare16 for groovy12 from Ashley.
April 21, 2005- Received starter pack. Got grail08 from wheres that from. Got excellent12 from matching char to actor. Got buffy09 from tagline. Got braveheart03 and ticket from emptytvset. Got fellowship27 from charactertotvshow. Got darko18, world11, and ticket from puzzle1. Took sleepy16, nightmare16, and 2 tickets from puzzle 2. Got conan04 from finding 3rd soundtrack.