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So you travel this new dirt road, not knowing where exactly you are. Suddenly you come to an open meadow and you look in amazement. All sorts of creatures are frolicking about, in peace and harmony.

You watch the Skyhaven creatures playing together and then move onto yet another meadow. Creatures you have never seen before romp here.

You notice a small herd of pretty deer like creatures. They are Twiluu. Playing next to them are two tiny dogs. These are faela dogs, pets to the fairy's.

A small herd of Twiluu ponies gallop by. They are wild therefore they live in the forest and not the stables.

Following behind are the Purebred Twiluu ponies. There band is a bit smaller. They prefer the outdoors as well.

Not far away in a little thicket romp some Meelo's. They seem very happy and frisky.

You see a grumpy looking Karu Cat. He doesn't seem to want to play.

But he is not alone. Lounging close by is the lost son of Binzi. Jeje found him when he was lost and alone. But now he spends his days here.

There is a pond nearby. Suddenly a rare aqua dragon pops up, looks around, and dives back under the water.

You continue on, notcing that the forest becomes a bit darker and a bit thicker. And yet there are plenty of animals to see.

The sound of beating wings attratcs your attention. You look up just in time to duck as several Fay Dragons pass by.

A unicorn comes flying by, his mane beating wildly against his neck. So many of them here and yet they are all so very different.

Following close behind come two little unicorns.

Suddenly out of the fog come two lurking wolves. Except they aren't wolves at all! They are infact wild Gargals. But even if they look mean, they really aren't.

Sudden howling attracts your attention and you see pairs of glowing eyes watching you. You manage to make out their slinking forms in the darkness. These are wolves. Pocket wolves to be exact.