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You decide to take the unicorns advice and follow the little path.

You see a pair of frolicking unicorns before you. This forest seems to be bursting with these mythical creatures! The atmosphere is far more relaxed and you watch the playing unicorns for awhile before continuing on.

After passing the unicorns you come across a wolf pack. You stop for a moment, afraid that they might attack. But as a few seconds pass, the wolves continue to laze about. These wolves are quite tame!

Not far away, you see two more wolves stalking the grounds. The female howls in greeting.

You hear a chirping sound and Vatoria suddenly appears to lead the way. She leads you towards a rock den and inside is a blue dragon with an egg! "Her name is Jewels and it seems we have come at just the right time.."

The egg starts to crack and shatter and suddenly a baby dragon hatches from the egg! "Your very lucky..Not many people get to see a dragon hatch."

Vatoria leads you away from the the two and points upwards. A large black dragon flys overhead. Vatoria says "Don't worry. He won't hurt you as long as your with me."

After passing the dragon, Vatoria gives you a wave and disappears into the woods. You continue on alone for awhile when suddenly a pegusus swoops down and walks along with you for awhile. Your glad for the company. But after awhile she looks around and suddenly flys away.

Another unicorn appears before you and with her horn she parts a few bushes. Before you is another secret path. And so, of course, you follow it.

Follow the secret path.