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The Forest
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Forest animals as well as mythical creatures call the Forest their home. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know who you might find here.

The first thing you see as you step into the thick lush forest is a unicorn family! Your very lucky for they hardly let anyone see them. As you move quietly past them...

Another unicorn! Wow, they must really be curious about you? This one looks at you kindly before turning and walking into the dark forest. You continue on.

You look up as a flutter of gold and green catches you eye. It can't be..But it is! A pheonix! But before you can take a good look it has flown away. You wonder what other fantastic creatures live here.

This is Kanath, a Silverstar Wyvern. You happen upon him as he sunbathes on a low cliff. Be very quiet as you pass, you don't want to wake him up!

Gatathla Hundansta
A rustling in a nearby thicket distracts you. Before you can take a step forward, Vatoria steps out from the foilage and beckons you forward. You both peer into the thicket to see a baby griffon resting in the center. Vatoria whispers "This is Jasma. She's just a newborn but soon she will be a full grown griffon. Don't disturb her, she needs her sleep."

The Silver Unicorn
Yet another unicorn! The forest seems to be full of them! This unicorn doesn't even seem to be aware of your presence. You watch her for awhile before moving along the path. As you continue to walk, two little bunnies jumps in front of your path.

You reach out to touch them but they quickly hop away.

This little unicorn scampers up to you with an eager smile. You see a little nametag around it's neck with the "Tara" written on it. After scratching her neck, she runs off and you follow slowly behind. Tara leads you around the bend and she disappears.

Although Tara has disappeared, yet another unicron stands before you. This one is probably the most beautiful one out of them all so far. It beckons towards a cutoff in the path.

Follow the new path?