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Timeless is a TCG game for Disney. If you decide to join, please say that Jeje referred you.

Number of Cards- 139
Level- 4
Collecting- Bambi, Eeyore, Faline
Mastered- 0
Debating on Trading:
Keeping for Future Collections:



Wanna Trade?
If you want to trade, please e-mail me at with the following:
What you want
What your offering
Anything else you need to ask

Trading Log
May 31, 2005- Traded ariel14 and ariel18 for faline08 and faline10 from Smartina. Got nemo15 from ariel. Got faline20 from baloo. Got crush04 from puzzle1. Got belle06 from timon.
 May 27, 2005- Got bambi03 and kiara18 for leveling up. Got tod12 and nala14 from tink.
May 24, 2005- Got simba19 from ariel. Got tod20 from fuzzycard. Got skellington06 and robinhood01 from scar. Got dalmations14, megara15, pink ears, and green ears from timon. Got nemo07 from wardrobe. Got omalley18 from clues. Got scar05 and buzz08 from matching. Got rajah05 from pinocchio. Got peterpan09 and pink ears from sebastian.
May 18, 2005- Got skellington18 from ariel. Got copper05 from fuzzycard. Got aladdin17 from puzzle1. Got simba01, alice09 from timon. Got dalmations10 from wardrobe.
May 14, 2005- Got tramp04 from clues. Got dory09 and oliver18 from matching. Got abu13 from pinocchio. Got vixey04 and pink ears from sebastian.
May 12, 2005- Traded hades05 and chihiro12 for vixey03 and vixey18 from Stephanie.
May 11, 2005- Traded snowwhite02 for tramp07 from Colette. Got faline14 from ariel. Got oliver17 from puzzle1. Got copper13 and greenears from puzzle2. Got gaston07 and dalmations17 from scar. Got vixey01, bambi13, greenears, and pinkears from timon.
May 7, 2005- Traded cheshire13 for bambi14 from Melissa. Got stitch08 from clues. Got kiara10 and duchess14 from matching. Got vixey15 from pinocchio. Got ariel14 and pink ears from lyrics. Got couplens04 from tink.
May 3, 2005- Got kiara12 from ariel. Got lilo01 from baloo. Got cheshire13 from puzzle1. Got robinhood08 and faline07 from scar. Got dory04, thumper03, pink ears, and green ears from timon.
May 2, 2005- Took tramp05 from updates.
April 30, 2005- Got eeyore13 from claim-a-card. Got kiara05 from cinderella. Got omalley10 and dash13 from matching. Got dumbo19 from pinocchio. Got marian05 and pink ears from sebastian. Got couplesns07 from hiddentink.
April 27, 2005-  Got simba12 from ariel. Got snowwhite03 from baloo.Took faline05 from puzzle1. Got rajah07 and green ears from puzzle2. Got belle08, eeyore16, green ears, and pink ears from timon. Got tramp19 from wardrobe. Got mushu02 and skellington14 from scar. Got bambi02 and hades05 for leveling up.
April 24, 2005- Traded simba18 and scar08 for faline12 and faline18 from Dianna. Got couplesns01 from tink.
April 23, 2005- Traded cruella14 for tramp09 from Rilwen. Took faline03 and faline04 from updates. Got bambi09 from clues. Got fantasia09 and scar10 from matching. Got faline13 from pinocchio. Got skellington08 and pink ears from sebastian.
April 22, 2005- Got faline01, faline02, blue ears, bambi06, and tramp14 for donating images. Traded jasmine01 for eeyore10 from hannah.
April 19, 2005- Got tramp03 from Ariel. Got aurora13 and pocahontas13 from timon. Got jasmine01 from baloo.Got eeyore05 from puzzle1. Got lady11 and green ears from puzzle2. Got cinderella05 and cruella14 from mix-up. Got cheshire15 and sally17 from scenery. Got eeyore02 from free-for-all.
April 18, 2005- Traded jasmine05 for bambi08 from Stephanie.
April 16, 2005- Got lady12 from cinderclues. Got couplesap02 from matching. Got tramp12 from pinocchiotales. Got nala08 from free-for-all. Got couplesns03 from tink.
April 15, 2005- Got tramp01, tramp02, and tramp16 from updates.
April 12, 2005- got nala09 from ariel's voice.Got scar08 from baloo. Got cinderella16 from puzzle1. Got eeyore17, green ears, and pink ears from puzzle2. Got ariel18, skellington12, green ears, and pink ears from timon. Took eeyore12 from free-for-all. Got bambi05 and nala18 for leveling up. Got favorite14 and chichiro12 for making favorite card.
April 10, 2005- Got bambi11 and tigger12 from matching. Got scar11 from Tales. Got pink ears and skellington13 from scramble.
April 5, 2005- traded belle14 for bambi04 from Caroline. Got snowwhite02 from ariel. Got bambi01 from timon. Got simba18 from freeforall.
April 4, 2005- received starter pack. Got eeyore07, eeyore11, and eeyore14 from updates. Got skellington20 from ariel. Got nala13 from puzzle1. Got jasmine05, green ears, and pink ears from puzzle2. Got peterpan05 and belle19 from mowgli. Got skellington19, bambi18, green ears, and pink ears from timon. Got simba16 from wardrobe. Got pocahontas05 from clues, Got couplessn08 from matching. Got bambi10 from pinocchio.