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Merriment is a TCG game for entertainment. If you want to join, please say Jeje referred you.

Number of Cards- 79
Level- 3
Collecting- Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chemical, Topher Grace
Debating on Trading:


Topher Grace-



Wanna Trade?
If you want to trade, please e-mail me at with the following:
What you want
What your offering
Anything else you need to ask

Trading Log

May 18, 2005- Traded knightly11 and brody04 for topher16 and topher20 from Ena.
May 9, 2005- Traded hector06 for topher10 from Tex. Got jinxed05 and opera20 from freebies. Found billy and got faraway05 and green minish. Found dom and got chicago19 and green minish.
May 7, 2005- Took topher01 from updates. Took topher05 from updates. Took elijah11 and mckenzie11 from guessactor. Got stefani04 and piecesofme04 from guesscd.
May 2, 2005- Got topher02, topher06, topher18, serena05, knightley11, and orange20, and green minish for donating.
April 29, 2005- Got gellar05, gellar06, brooding02, and brooding05 from updates.
April 27, 2005- Took gd03 and gd08 from puzzle.
April 23, 2005- Took broken16, september16, and idiot16.
April 21, 2005- Got gellar04, somerhalder17, and green minish for leveling up. Got chemical14 from random freebies.
April 19, 2005- Got jimmy06, broken17, objection04, and tofly14 from updates. Got chicago17, wedding02, stefani08, and forest minish from captacular. Got chemical18 from dropped card.Got opera14 and astin06 from they said what.
April 12, 2005- Got gellar15 from updates.
April 7, 2005- Got chemical05 and falleno5 from puzzle. Got mckenzie02 from updates. Got wicked04 from finding sean. Got dushku11 and green minish for finding billy.
April 5, 2005-got rupert12 and brody04 from updates.
April 3,2005- got green minish, gellar03, and no worries09 for leveling up. Got dushku01 from Dianna for no worries09.
April 2, 2005- got fairlyodd11 and baggins18 from actor, got brooding10 from anime, got sunday04 and gladiator06 from cd, got green minish from license, got rotk09 and green minish from findingdom, got fashionsta02, rose10, toxic04, and findingnemo19 from wordscramble
April 1, 2005- Won Hector06, fashionstar13, rotk05, and forest minish in captacular, won kingarthur10 in droppedcard, won chemical08 & wedding01 in guessactress, won degrah11 and prophets16 in guesschar, won elfboy19 in wordscramble, got brooding01 from finding sean, got direngrey02 and green minish from finding elijah. Got gellar01 from Pick Me.