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Welcome to FriggenSweet.Com.
This is..Version 2 you could say of my website since the old one went kaput. Take a look around and feel free to drop me a line.


[05/14/06]- Yep I'm updating. Let's see..I moved home in feb.. I have a boyfriend now. His name is Andy and chances are that you know him. I'm waiting to see if I got the job at KA..If I pass my drug test that is. Oh well.

[02/11/06]- Man I haven't updated this thing in ages. Umm let's see. I moved back home about 2 weeks ago. Finally decided my major, Theatre Performance, so I'm taking classes at both UNLV and CCSN. I'm single, just having fun. I got a new cat. And I also got a second tattoo. I think that's about it. Expect tons of updates in all sections. Too bad I'm layout retarded or this place would look 10 times better.

[06/21/05]- Uh got some stuff to delete and update. Everyday is the same man. Tyler's home, Reagan's leaving. Alex and I broke up and I got a tattoo. Yep..Sums it up.

[05/19/05]- Updated Friends/Fun Crap/Pics/ and Bio. Um let's see. Anything of interest? Um..Me, Alex, and Eva are moving out in August. I got a new job as a Hostess at Lonestar. Adam M finally made a break and is now playing Tony in Tony & Tina's Wedding at the Rio. Tyler's on his choir trip in China and Korea. Oh and Adam S, my ex, is apparently married. I think that's it.

[04/20/05]- Updated Other Crap. Please check it out. That's about it.

[04/22/05]- Updated a bit. Added Dianna as an affliate ;p Added a new TCG, Silver Screen. I also added a new link on Other Crap. It's the best Topher Grace Fansite around. I can't believe he's leaving That 70's Show but oh well. My grandparents are out of town for the weekend so it's party time!!

[04/17/05]- Woo I updated so much! Updated TCG's, Fanlistings, added Awards, updated blinkies, added more pics, updated my bio. Whew! Ooo and my Aunt is gonna get my autograph from my blue haired wonder...*drools* She says he is really nice and really awesome and who knows..I might be able to meet him! *excitement* Anyways..Bedtime.

[04/12/04]- So Alex's birthday is Friday. He will be 19. Ty's birthday is the day after. The big 20. We are getting old. Anyways gotta go to his b-day dinner with is family tomorrow. On Thursday we are going to KA, it's awesome having an aunt work for Cirque. And then I don't know how we are celebrating Alex's b-day. *le sigh* At least I'm going car shopping this weekend. Updated a few things. That's about it.

[04/01/05]- Happy April Fools Day! And also Happy 19th Birthday to Mike! We are getting so old ;p I'm going on 4 hours of sleep and I have a long day ahead of me. Gah. Oh and that Compare/Contrast paper I thought I did badly on? I got a B. Im sooo cool. Anyways..Just updating my TCG. You should join! Also updated radom pics, took down a friend (ooo) and might do a few other things.

[03/31/05]-Ok..I joined three TCG today. Woot. Just because I was bored and it looked like fun. Thanks to Dianna for the idea ;p. Lot's of crap happening. *le sigh* Mike's birthday is tomorrow! Yay! Happy Birthday!

[03/17/05]-Ugh so I bought a but the person who was suppose to make my layout, totally flaked out. Really pisses me off because I consider her a friend but whatever. Anyways if anyone would care to help me out, that would be much appreciated. Just updating a few things. I'm accepting affliates as well so please apply. Thanks.

[02/24/05]-So I just got home from the hospital. I have a kidney stone and a kidney infection. It sucks but whatever, you deal. I missed all my classes this week but whatever. I'm not freaking about it. Just updating a few random stuff.

[01/24/05]-Ok so since I have so many Fanlistings they are getting their own page. So no more Video page..Not like I needed it anyways. And I promise I WILL do Friends SOON.. I had my first Theatre class today..My Professor reminds me of Mr.Hanks and he was telling us about all the drugs he took as a teenager. Awesome.

[01/23/05]- Okay I'm gonna take down videos cuz it takes up to much room or what not. Anyways I've added a crapload of Fanlistings so you can find them under Other Crap. I'm not even done with them yet.. I gotta finish Friends soon..Or figure out a different format for it...Start my first college class tomorrow...Woohoo I think.

[01/17/05]- Updating Video and maybe pics and friends later on...

[01/03/05]- Ok..FS.Com is up...Got a LOT of work to do but at least I have a website again.


Please sign the guestbook and let me know what you think. ;p